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  • Are you licensed? Are you regulated?
    We are a fully licensed Large Group centre regulated by Fraser Health. We have regular inspections and follow policies and procedures laid out by Fraser Health.
  • What are your hours of operation?
    All of our programs are open Monday to Friday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • What if I arrive past 6pm?
    We have a late policy in place of $1 a minute past 6pm.
  • Are you open for Statutory holidays?
    No, we are closed on all regular statutory holidays as well as Easter Monday.
  • Are there any other closures?
    We are closed for one week at over Christmas and New Years.
  • What time does my child need to arrive at the centre?
    Our morning cut off times are Toddlers and Littles - 10 am year round School Age - 7:45am on school days 9:30am on Full day care.
  • What is your sick policy?
    Our health policy is designed to provide a healthy environment for the children in our care as well as for our employees. We recognize the work responsibilities of parents and the conflicts which arise when an ill child must stay home; however, Small Steps Childcare Centre strives to control the spread of illness to the extent possible by ensuring that neither children nor employees are needlessly exposed to illness. Parents play a key role in minimizing illness and maintaining a healthy environment for all of the children by keeping their child out of the Centre when the child’s health is questionable or when the teachers believe it is necessary due to health concerns in the room. Children are required to be symptom free and unmedicated for 24 hours before returning.
  • Are your staff qualified?
    All our staff have the required qualifications and have First aid training. All staff have been cleared with a criminal record search.
  • What do I need to provide?
    Please send A Backpack with: - a change of clothes - inside shoes that are easy to slip on - a water bottle - a blanket - pull-ups or diapers if needed & wipes - sunscreen (warmer months) - a hat - muddy buddy / rain wear
  • Is your centre Nut-Free?
    Yes, we are a nut free facility.
  • Is there a Parent Handbook?
    Yes. Upon registration you will be emailed a package that includes all our policies and procedures.
  • Is there a registration fee?
    Yes there is a one time registration fee of $50
  • How long is your Wait List? How long do I have to wait?
    Ah the most frequently asked question but the answer is vague. Our waitlist relies on too many factors to determine exactly how long you must wait. Our spaces are limited in each program and there are many factors involved in going down the list. Just a few examples We always try to keep families together, so siblings do get priority. Children requiring full time get priority. Children already enrolled in our program are given first opportunity for additional days or graduating to the next program. Space on each bus also determines which school we can accommodate. So we are unable to determine how long you will wait.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We take: - E-transfers *preferred method - cash - debit - credit card - cheques
  • Do you accept the Affordable Child care Benefit?
    Yes we do. This is an individual government grant that is available to families that make less than $110,000 a year. If you wish to apply for the Affordable Child Care Benefit, please apply online here. You can look up our facility by name and set up an arrangement details. After you apply, you can log in to review messages about the status of your application. It takes approximately 20 business days to process electronic applications. Please note there can be delays with ACCB and you will be required to pay the full fees until ACCB payment is received.​ Here is the calculator to see how much you might qualify for: ACCB Calculator
  • When am I required to pay?
    All parent portion of fees are due on the first of each month.
  • We are a split family. Are we able to split the cost of care?
    We can divide payment for each parent. Full payment from both parties is required for the child to attend. The child must pay for all scheduled days regardless if one parent does not require care. We do not offer one week on one week off.
  • Do you offer varied days? or shift work days?
    Unfortunately we require that parents pick set days of the week.
  • Does my child have to be toilet trained?
    No. We accept all levels of toileting. Parents are required to provide all supplies
  • Do you teach them their letters? Reading skills?
    Our program is full of literacy experiences. We work on letter recognition, offer many opportunities to build reading skills, practice printing and work on name recognition.
  • Do you offer snacks?
    Yes we have snack provided by the daycare in the morning around 10.
  • What time is lunch and what can I send?
  • What time is nap and how long do they sleep?
    1 to 3 or when they wake up. Not required.
  • We have early mornings. Can my child eat breakfast there?
    Yes. Many children bring breakfast to eat here prior to 9am.
  • Do you have gradual entry for children who are new to the centre?
    Although not mandatory, we highly suggest new friends start using gradual entry. It can vary depending on the individual needs of each child but usually looks similar to this. Drop off items like change of clothes, inside shoes,and registration paperwork.Allow the child to have a first look at the centre and be excited for their return. Morning only (we recommend 8-12) Short day ( we recommend a 6 hour visit) Regular day Remember you can always check in with our staff to see how your child is adapting throughout the day.
  • What if my child does not attend in the morning?
    We will always assume that your child requires to be picked up from school, even if they did not attend the morning. Parents are required to inform us if care is not required that day.
  • Do you offer Mornings only? or Afternoons only?
    Our rates include before and after school we do not offer half days.
  • What about school Professional days, Non Instructional days, Half days?
    We know there are lots of Professional days, Non Instructional days and Half days in the School Calendar. We provide full day care for a small top up fee We try to organize activities that are little or no cost to parents. If it is not your child's regularly scheduled day, you can Drop In for an additional fee if space allows. Spring break, Winter break and Summer are an additional cost if you wish to sign up.
  • What if I arrive after morning cut off?
    During the school year our cut off time is 7:45. This allows us time to the drop off at the various schools. Please take your child directly to school. They will be picked up in the afternoon as usual. During Full days (No school) our cut off is 9:30. We like to go out on Fieldtrips and our busses leave promptly at 9:30.
  • Is snack provided?
    Yes we offer an afternoon snack and the children are welcome to eat from their lunchkits.
  • My child is in Kindergarten. Do you pick up directly from the classroom?
    Yes we do. All Kinders are picked up by a staff at their classroom.
  • How do the children get to school?
    We have full size school buses. They are equipped with seatbelts and services regularly. Sometimes the children at Eric Langton walk. (less than 15 mins)

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